Pilots 2 Pals Community Program
Pilots 2 Pals is a ticket donation program exclusively for Windsor Spitfires Season Ticket Holders. Rather than let your seats sit empty for games you cannot attend, the Windsor Spitfires have formed a partnership with the United Way to give back to the community. The Pilots 2 Pals Program provides Windsor Spitfire Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to donate tickets that they cannot use to the United Way.

Through the generosity of individuals and businesses in our community, the donated tickets are given to the United Way, who in turn, connect with organizations in our community for distribution.

In appreciation of this generosity, The United Way will provide a donation receipt to the Season Ticket Holder of Record for the value of the tickets donated, less taxes. Corporate donors may choose to give the tickets as a donation, or alternatively to leave the ticket cost as a business expense. A letter of thanks will be sent from the United Way.

Process and Rules:
  • Online "Pilots 2 Pals" Forms must be completed no later than by 5pm  on Monday for upcoming Thursday and Friday games and 5pm on Wednesday for upcoming Saturday and Sunday games. In order to facilitate distribution there will be a limit to the first 50 tickets donated for every game. Advance ticket  donations are accepted and encouraged.
  • Minimum of two tickets must be donated
  • Teksavvy.com Box office, will advise United Way of your donated tickets.
  • Once the tickets have been donated, a Season Ticket Holder cannot change their mind and request usage of their tickets for donated game.
  • The United Way will issue tax receipts to Season Ticket Holders of record or a Letter of Thanks to corporate donors, twice a year (end of calendar year for games donated in September through December 31st, 2015 and at the conclusion of the Spitfires regular season for games donated in January through March 21st, 2016).

Additional Benefits:
For every pair of tickets donated to "Pilots 2 Pals" the Windsor Spitfires will donate $2 to the United Way. Season Ticket Holders participating in "Pilots 2 Pals" program are eligible to win prizes courtesy of the Windsor Spitfires.
Pilot 2 Pals Community Program